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Maintain a Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms get messy and fast, which can be quite an annoying issue. I have outlined a strategy for keeping the mess to a minimum!

To start, you need a simple checklist. This checklist should be framed near the toilet so that it acts as a helpful reminder. Whenever you finish a task, check it off!

Yet, keeping a bathroom looking good takes little time and effort once you have a plan. I will show you how to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and fresh-smelling using just 10 minutes per week of your time

All supplies should be ready to go

With our bathroom cleaning Caddy, you can easily clean multiple bathrooms with only one set of essentials which makes bathroom cleaning more convenient and considerably less expensive.

Our caddy includes an everything-you-need inside approach for cleaning your bathroom (and by extension: your home) so that you can reduce soap scum, remove stains from your tub, eliminate hard water buildup, and disinfect with eco-friendly ingredients!

Put a timer on

If you’re the kind of person who believes that one bathroom cleaning session can’t be done in less than 15 minutes then why not challenge yourself with a timer – Get your work done in 15 minutes! In my experience, I believe I could have my entire bathroom clean and smelling good within 10 minutes.

Clear out everything

Before getting started, you will want to clear as much as possible off of the surfaces and floors first; cleaning the bathroom can become very strenuous if there is a lot of stuff in your way.

Dust quickly

Before you start to spray, first grab a paper towel and wipe the surfaces of the sink and toilet. Dust and unwanted hair can be removed with this.t I find it harder to remove wet hair quickly from the sink. That is why I suggest wiping everything down before spraying anything down.

Drill you know

Keeping a clean bathroom can be difficult. People flush a variety of items every time they do so. One needs to stay organized if they want the process to go as smoothly as possible, but this feat is easier said than done!

The Bathroom Brush

Your toilet brush can be kept clean in two ways. Putting some bleach in the bowl it stays in is the first method. Whenever you clean the bathroom, be

sure to replace it. Once you have scrubbed the toilet, flush the toilet again

and rinse the brush in the water running from the toilet. Then, place it back on its shelf without its handle touching anything else while you clean the rest of the bathroom. This will allow it to dry faster rather than spending too much time out of its holder in between uses which could potentially cause bacteria to grow.

The Bathroom Floors

If you want to clean the bathroom floors, you have two options. You can wait and clean them or you can do them now. If you follow my weekly cleaning routine you will be using your vacuum on Thursday and your mop and bucket on Friday. Alternatively, if you want to get the whole bathroom done at once, the best option for floors is to use a broom and spray mop to quickly tidy up the dirt on Tuesday before moving on to other things like doing laundry or getting rid of old clothes that are no longer in style.

Bathroom Mirrors

I have a small mirror in my bathroom and I gave it a quick spray with my DIY glass cleaner, wiping down anything that was dirty. For larger mirrors, you can spot clean them or do the full clean every few weeks instead of every day.

Showers and tubs

The easiest way to clean the bathroom is by not letting it become dirty in the first place. Regardless of how often you use your shower, make sure you thoroughly clean around soap scum and especially avoid allowing hairs to collect within or on top of liners that cover drains. By also cleaning regularly around temperature controls, taps, and toilet seats, as well as cleaning airs or grilles, you'll reduce the risk of bacteria that could potentially cause skin rashes and infections.

You read through our tips and tricks for keeping a bathroom clean, and now it’s time to put those skills to use! Just follow the checklist when you need to clean your bathroom, and you will have a clutter-free space in no time. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact (914) 907-4830.

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