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Regular Cleaning 

At TOC Cleaning, we offer professional house cleaning services for every home and office. You will be relieved to learn that we provide the same level of care for occasional cleaning services that we do for regular cleaning services. While most of our customers prefer to use our services on a regular basis, we understand the need for one-time clean or spring cleaning services.


Deep Cleaning

If you want to be sure your deep cleaning professional will do a great job, look no further than TOC Cleaning. The best way to ensure your house starts off spotless and stays that way is with a deep clean. You can save money and time when you book a deep cleaning service through our master cleaning service.


One Time Cleaning

When you choose a regular, recurring service from TOC Cleaning, you won't have to worry about unexpected problems. Even if guests drop in, your house will be spotless. You can also hire a recurring cleaning service if you have had a hectic week and don't want to spend all weekend cleaning.

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Move-In Out

A move can be stressful enough without having to clean either your old home or your new one. Instead of trying to do these tasks on your own, work with TOC Cleaning and let our professionals handle it for you. We offer customized cleaning services based on the size and nature of your property. Additionally, we offer free estimates so there are no surprises or hidden fees


Window Cleaning

You want to let as much light into your home as possible when the sun is shining. When your windows are dirty, you won't be getting the amount of light you should. With TOC Cleaning services you'll have a happy home. We have friendly, uniformed technicians who can clean the inside and outside of your windows... and they can do it so well, you'll wonder if your windows ever existed!



It is stressful enough to deal with the post-job mess that is left behind by home construction. Your house will go from a construction site to a home with the help of TOC Cleaning’s post-construction cleanup services. With our residential cleaning services, we deliver non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning from top to bottom. We have the tools, processes, and experience to give your home a deep clean that will look like nothing ever happened.

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Commercial Cleaning

The importance of appearances can't be overstated. You want your business to leave your clients with the best first impression possible. Cleaning up their commercial space is a great start. People make their first impressions quickly, and a dirty or unsightly business may have a negative impact on them. TOC Cleaning provides non-toxic, eco-friendly, floor-to-ceiling cleaning services for small commercial and office properties.


Power Washing

TOC Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to businesses in the NYC area. These cleaning services include commercial floor cleaning, window cleaning, power washing, and pressure washing.


Carpet and Upholstery cleaning services

A clean carpet and upholstery often makes a huge difference in how we feel in our homes. Our professional upholstery cleaning services can help you get that clean, fresh feeling and leave your home smelling great!


Disinfect Cleaning Service 

We are professionals at creating healthy, clean, and safe environments at TOC Cleaning Service. Viruses and bacteria can spread easily from one person to another, which is why protecting everyone entering your facility from germs and bacteria is more important than ever. You can reduce the risk of illness in your business with the help of our commercial cleaning services that specialize in disinfecting.

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