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Clean Up After Construction To Prepare Your Building For Business

TOC Cleaning provides post-construction cleaning services to help get your new space ready for move-in and set-up after your construction is completed and all the construction debris is removed. TOC Cleaning will ensure that your new commercial building is inviting, clean and comfortable with whatever services you choose. To ensure your timelines and deadlines are met, we work closely with contractors and other service technicians.

Cleaning up until the last detail of construction

With our post-construction cleaning services, you can expect your commercial facility to shine from floor to ceiling. In addition to paying attention to trims, horizontal ledges, baseboards, light fixtures, and much more, we minimize construction and the drywall dust and maximize cleaning. After we've cleaned every nook and cranny, all you have to do is turn the key and start working.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Post Construction
Cleaning Company?

A large number of residential and commercial construction projects are completed in Westchester County each year. When a project

is finished, leaving it in and presentable shape is a task that can either be undertaken by the owner or the builder. If a home or business is occupied or used by employees or visitors, it is

important to pay specific attention to their needs and

requirements. If the project is occupied by employees or

occupants, the property must be professionally

cleaned according to all local, state, and federal

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Client Satisfaction Is All 

Every day, every night, or as a one-time cleaning service, we strive to meet your cleaning needs with customized programs. There is more to us than cleanliness. We follow up with customers to ensure they are completely satisfied.

Cleaner, more sustainable

With our expertise and green cleaning chemicals, we will look after your new project with utmost care. Each of our products is non-toxic. As effective as chemicals, they are free from allergens and irritants. We've also got a quality associate overseeing our house cleaning team to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

Unlike other cleaning services, we do so much more than just clean. Our goal is to make sure our customers receive the best possible cleaning. We simply don't have the detailed programs to ensure a thorough job as our competitors do. We know that a home renovation is both exciting and stressful at the same time. If your house has been renovated, you can't live in it comfortably until the renovation is completed. 

Contact TOC Cleaning today to book post-construction cleaning services or to schedule those for after your renovation is complete.

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