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Cleaning Window Blinds

Although window blinds provide both privacy and protection from the sun from entering a room, it's difficult to figure out how to clean them. Dust and dirt left on your blinds is noticeable, but worse than that, it can cause your home to become more allergenic. Spending a few minutes during spring cleaning will help you stay in the habit of cleaning them.

Windows cleaning is the major part of our window cleaning service. Window cleaning leaves them sparkling and streak-free inside and outside your home. While most of the cleaning materials are soft rags and cleaning solution, power washers are also used in some cases where the outside of the windows are so dirty that water alone is not enough to clean them. Besides, it is also used for cleaning gutters, siding, and driveways (pressure washing).

The microfiber

If you enjoy a more hands-on approach while cleaning, we recommend one of our microfiber cloths with barely any water. If your blinds are extra dirty, add a drop of soap or rubbing alcohol to aid in cutting through any dirt and dust.

Blind duster

It's easy and fast to get the job done with these blind duster tools. With microfiber, you can remove and clean the pad after every use and it will effectively remove any dust build-up on your window blinds. The tool can be used to clean two slats at once, which is great if you want to get things done even faster!

Vacuum Cleaner

My favorite way of dusting is with a vacuum cleaner since it is quick and efficient. Try vacuuming your blinds with a vacuum cleaner with soft accessories and an extension hose. As a result of its speed and ease of use, it's my favorite technique for capturing dust in a hurry. What's great about it is that nobody will know you are dusty!

Window washing from the inside differs from that from the outside. It is in this process that we do the most of the cleaning. Cleaning the windows from the outside requires the use of squeegees and other tools. Window cleaning is the most important step in window washing since it is in this step that determines whether we can use the window to clean inside or not. We make use of various cleaning solutions to clean the windows. We use cleaning solutions that are best for the windows. We never compromise on the quality of our window cleaning.

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