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Everything must be arranged in its proper place

The beginning of anything is always hard, especially when it comes to decluttering.

This is why it’s important to have a certain spot for everything, so you know where to put it. Also, once everything has its own place you won’t have to worry about making the bed or keeping the floor clean.

Clear your surfaces of dust and dirt

It’s important for your bedroom’s surfaces to be clear of dust and dirt.

Dust is a common cause of allergies. You may experience symptoms such as sneezing a lot, a stuffy nose, itchy or teary eyes, and so on.

Dust shouldn't be found in a clean bedroom. To prevent dust from gathering, simply wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. It's possible that you'll see dust in places that you hadn't even considered.

Then, if you’re not allergic to dust, you can vacuum too.

Hang up your clothes

Clothes take up a lot of space and they can easily be folded and put in a drawer. So, whenever you take your clothes off be sure to hang them.

Hanging your clothes will allow you to leave your closet space uncluttered and will also save you time and energy when you are looking for an extra shirt for the weekend.

It will also save you some time when you are looking for a particular shirt.

Change your bedsheets every week

If you’re like most people (I hope you are not like me), you probably don’t change your sheets regularly. People often change their sheets once or twice a year, depending on their lifestyle. But the fact is, you should change your bedsheets and pillowcases every week – yes, every week. The feeling of slipping into a cozy bed with fresh sheets may seem intoxicating, but sometimes as we sleep we sweat, and our sheets accumulate a great deal of body fats and oils that are not only making our bedroom smell great but are harmful to our skin as well, causing breakouts and acne. Therefore, you should change them regularly to protect your skin.

Make sure the carpet is vacuumed or the floor is swept

Carpet is a popular choice in our homes, but it can be quite a pain to take care of. The most common problem is that it gets dusty and dirty pretty quickly. Consider vacuuming your carpet as soon as possible since your carpet can accumulate up to 1lb (0.5kg) of dust a year. A lot of people prefer to sweep their floor instead of vacuuming it because it’s quicker. The downside is that you’ll end up bringing the dirt and dust from the floor back into your house.

You can add a fragrance

You can add a fragrance to your bedside or to your room. For a fresh, clean appearance in your bedroom, it is recommended to use a mist diffuser or scent electric plug. To create the perfect balance in your bedroom, add a light fragrance like








Any boring task can be made more fun by listening to music. You might find that listening to music while exercising is an effective way to distract yourself from the pain you might feel. A good way to make cleaning more enjoyable is to listen to music. You don't need to listen to classical music or your favorite album from the 1960s. The right music can be a fun way to clean your house.

CLEANING YOUR BEDROOM can help you to feel better and more relaxed. In addition, it can motivate you and improve your productivity. Contact us at (914) 907-4830 if you have questions or concerns about cleaning your bedroom. I appreciate your reading, we're always happy when we can provide useful information on a subject like this through our posts!

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